How to Prevent Severe Bunion Pain from Flaring Up

How to Prevent Severe Bunion Pain from Flaring Up

In many people, bunions cause minor pain or no pain at all. Others, however, can get severe pain.

If you identify with the latter group, you’re in the right place. Our providers at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center in Mesa, Laveen, and Chandler, Arizona, are experts in treating bunions. In this blog, they explain what bunions are and how you can help prevent pain from flaring up.

The basics of bunions

A bunion is a condition in which the big toe gets misaligned and angles in toward the other toes. This, in turn, causes the base of the toe to jut out, forming a bump at the side of the foot.

For many people, bunion pain flares up if they wear shoes that put pressure on the affected toe. Shoes that have narrow toe boxes and shoes that constrict the toes, such as high heels, are often to blame.

So, it’s important to pay attention when flare-ups occur. Do you feel pain after you wear a specific pair of shoes, or even while you’re still in them? If so, you should part with that footwear.

Even if it’s a pair of shoes you love, if you feel pain every time you wear them, it’s time to let them go, because they could cause the condition to get worse. Furthermore, if the shoes aggravate the condition, your shoe options could get more and more limited.

Preventing flare-ups

To a large extent, preventing severe bunion pain usually comes down to choosing shoes that fit properly. If you’re not sure about a good fit, come visit our team. We can help you find footwear with a toe box that’s appropriately roomy for your bunion. 

We can also explore treatments you can use if you do have future flare-ups. In some people, simply taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen, is enough to bring relief. Others may need more involved treatment, such as anti-inflammatory injections.

Furthermore, we may also recommend more permanent treatments, such as padding to cushion the area around the bunion or taping to help keep your big toe aligned. Or, we may recommend custom orthotics to help stabilize your foot or ultrasound or other physiotherapy techniques to relieve inflammation. If nonsurgical techniques aren’t effective, we may recommend surgery to realign your toe.

If you deal with bunion pain and want solutions, we can help. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center today. We have offices in Mesa, Laveen, and Chandler, Arizona.

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