7 Tips for Avoiding Warts and Fungus

There’s good news about toenail fungus and plantar warts, which are warts on your feet. They’re both extremely treatable.

That’s why we offer cutting-edge treatments for both warts and toenail fungus at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center. At our office in Laveen, Arizona, Kyle Durfey, DPM, and Brian Hiapo, DPM, can help clear these issues from your feet as quickly as possible.

But we don’t want to stop there. We also want to help you avoid getting warts and fungus in the future. Here are our top seven tips to help you keep your feet healthy. 

1. Keep your bathroom clean and dry

Both fungus and the human papillomavirus (HPV), the condition that causes plantar warts, need a damp environment to thrive. If you let your bathroom floor stay continually wet, you’re giving them a breeding ground. Keep your bathroom floor dry and regularly clean it and your shower to avoid foot problems. 

2. Change your socks regularly

Similarly, a sweaty sock serves as an ideal environment for both warts and fungus. If you know your feet sweat throughout the day, keep a spare pair of socks on you and make the swap midday. Keeping your feet dry can make a big difference in preventing toenail fungus and warts. 

3. Wear shoes in shared damp spaces

Just like your bathroom can provide a breeding ground for HPV and fungus, wet spaces ― such as locker rooms and pools ― are perfect places for these organisms to thrive. Get a pair of rubber sandals and wear them in any shared space that’s wet, including the shower. 

4. Trim your toenails properly

When your toenails are too long, they can shelter fungus under them. Keep your toenails trimmed to prevent toenail fungus. We recommend trimming them straight across to avoid ingrown toenails

5. Clean your feet

If your feet are exposed to fungus or HPV, you might be able to prevent anything from taking hold. Get in the habit of cleaning your feet regularly with disinfectant soap.

6. Get shoes that breathe

Evaluate your footwear. If all of your shoes make your feet sweat, it might be time to make a change, especially if you’re prone to warts or toenail fungus. 

7. See your foot doctor

If you notice anything odd about your feet, like a bump that hurts when pressed or changes in your toenails, don’t wait to see Dr. Durfey or Dr. Hiapo. Catching both warts and fungus early makes them much easier to treat. 

We can help you protect your feet from warts and toenail fungus. For the dedicated foot care you need to keep your feet healthy, book an appointment online or over the phone with Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center today.

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