Warning Signs of Neuropathy

Warning Signs of Neuropathy

Your peripheral nervous system — which contains all of the nerves outside of your brain and spine — does a lot for you. This network of nerves carries signals that allow you to move your limbs and feel sensations in them. Unfortunately, if problems develop with any of the nerves in this system, a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms, such as tingling and weakness, can result.

If a problem develops with a nerve in the peripheral nervous system, it’s called peripheral neuropathy, or neuropathy, for short. Fortunately, with proper treatment, you can get relief from the symptoms. Here at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center in Chandler and Laveen, Arizona, our dedicated team specializes in diagnosing and treating neuropathy.

In this blog, we discuss some of the symptoms of neuropathy, so you can know if you should come in for a diagnosis and potential treatment.

Neuropathy signs and symptoms

As mentioned, neuropathy is a condition in which one or more nerves in the peripheral nervous system malfunctions. This condition usually occurs due to disease, trauma, repetitive stress, or taking certain medications.

Symptoms generally manifest as unusual sensations in the extremities, and it’s extremely common to experience symptoms in the feet and legs. Some of the most common symptoms include the following:

One of the biggest risks of neuropathy is numbness, because it could prevent you from noticing problems in the affected areas. If you developed neuropathy in your feet, for instance, and you didn’t notice an infection, this could lead to major complications. This is a common concern with diabetes.

Treating neuropathy

If you’re experiencing any of the unwelcome symptoms we outlined, our team at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center can help you find relief.

We start the process by working to understand what’s causing your neuropathy. That way, we can personalize your treatment plan to work as effectively as possible. Your plan might include:

We have a variety of options we can explore to help prevent your nerve problems from causing you ongoing discomfort.

If you’ve experienced any of the warning signs of neuropathy, don’t wait to get a diagnosis. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center today.

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