Why Am I So Prone to Corns?

Why Am I So Prone to Corns?

Do you have corns? If you do, you know that these small patches of tough skin, which have a hard center and are softer around the edges, can cause pain and discomfort.

Corns can develop for a number of reasons, but in many cases they’re preventable. Here at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center in Laveen, Chandler, and Mesa, Arizona, our team can help you figure out what’s causing your corns, and we can treat them and help you keep from getting more. 

In this blog, we explain some of the top reasons people get corns.

Tight-fitting shoes

Just like calluses, corns can develop when your shoes rub against your feet as you walk. In fact, wearing shoes that don’t fit right are one of the leading causes of corns. If you’re prone to developing them, your footwear could be to blame.

In particular, you should avoid shoes that have a narrow toe box. That means they rub against your foot on either side or squeeze your toes together. Shoes with pointed toes and high heels are particular culprits here. 

Most people take thousands of steps a day. The shoes you wear should always feel comfortable. If you feel pinching or rubbing as you walk, ditch that pair for more comfortable, better-fitting shoes. 

Skipping socks

Socks put a protective layer between your feet and your shoes. Going without them can add friction as you walk, contributing to the development of corns. 

If you go without socks because you don’t like the look of them with certain pairs of shoes, get some no-show socks. There are plenty of options that have anti-slip features, so you can wear socks that don’t show and don’t fall down into your shoes. 

Poor blood flow

Bad circulation in your feet makes you more likely to develop corns. If you have diabetes, for example, you may be more prone to developing corns. Plus, diabetic neuropathy can make you less likely to notice them, since the condition can cause numbness in the feet. 

If you have diabetes or another condition that lessens blood flow to your feet, it’s extra important for you to choose properly fitting shoes and to check your feet regularly. 

Other foot problems

Irregularities in your feet — such as hammertoes or bunions — can cause your feet to rub in your shoes, causing corns.

To eliminate these corns, you generally need to correct the issue with your feet. Our team can help treat any issues you may have. 

Treating and preventing corns

Here at Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center, our team offers a variety of corn treatments, from topical medications to surgical removal.

We can also help you develop a corn prevention program, which usually centers around good footwear choices. We might also recommend custom orthotics

You don’t have to live with corns. If you’re particularly prone to them, book an appointment online or over the phone with Arizona Foot and Ankle Medical Center today.

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